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Cael Jacobs

Author | Speaker | Teacher

Cael was born and raised in the Northern Virginia area. He took an interest in spiritual subjects early in high school, and his explorations led him from agnosticism, into evangelical Christianity, through an eventual crisis of faith, to where he is now: an animist, an elementalist, and an energy worker.

He is an author, a teacher, a storyteller, one of the co-founders of ShadowGrove, and Speaker for the ShadowGrove Tradition.

His illustrated collection of pagan origin myths and short stories, Tales from the Wilder Forest, was published in April 2014, and his book on meditative practice, Living a Life In Balance; An Elemental Journey of Self-Discovery, was published in February 2015. His writings have also appeared in Circle Magazine, Thought Notebook, and Corvus Review.

He has been a teacher and ritual leader at Fertile Ground Gathering since its inception in May 2008.

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Cael Jacobs
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